Here at Clan of the Wildlings, we believe that we are stronger together. Look below to find other groups, organizations, and resources in the varied and wonderful community of Contemporary Paganism in North America and beyond.

The NAL is a research and lending library located near Georgetown, DE dedicated to the preservation of books, periodicals, newsletters, music, media, art works, artifacts, photographs, and digital media focused on the metaphysical aspects of all religions and traditions. There is a special focus on the preservation of materials from the Pagan, Polytheist, and Western Mystery Traditions. Clan of the Wildlings is proud to support this groundbreaking project!

Organizing for Pagan community, education, and visibility in the Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh NC area. TAPA strives to connect Pagans both new and experienced alike with groups and resources.

Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple is a community with a 7 acre safe, private physical space in Sylva, NC, owned by our legally incorporated Temple, for Pagan worship, socializing, study, Initiation, networking and peer support. The group provides a variety of community services, including celebrations, ministry, education and more.