What is the age range for the group?


21 and up. We do not have a program for your little ones at this time. As we grow, we may consider family memberships, but at this time, the group is adults only. If you are a prospective member with a passion for child learning who may be interested in leading children's programs, please let the Clan Leader know!

Do you practice skyclad?


We do not practice skyclad (naked). All Clan of the Wildlings events are clothed, and our ritual activities do not include sexual acts or behavior.

Is this group a legally recognized church?


Not at this time. In the future, we plan to become a federally recognized religious organization.




If I join the group, can I leave the group when I choose?


Yes. This group is founded on principles of free will and mutual respect. You will be asked to take vows of commitment, but you will never be forced to do anything against your will.


What tradition does this group follow?

This is an eclectic group, drawing wisdom from many paths and cultures. In general, we fall under the umbrella of Contemporary Paganism, with strong elements of witchcraft and animism (some of you may recognize the word 'shamanism' more readily, but animism is analogous without appropriating Siberian culture). We are a part of the Pulsar Tradition, led by Autumn Pulstar. 




If you don't see the answer to your question here or on the Seekers home page, email us. We'd be happy to help. With blessings to your journey!

What negative consequences are possible when following this path?

Negative consequences are possible in any spiritual path. Responsibility for one's actions is central to the Code of Ethics to which our members commit. We do not practice magic with the intent to harm others.



Are your events open to the public?


Our online-based events are open to the public. Our in-person events are by invitation only. To learn more about our public events, visit our Facebook page.

Is the name of the Clan based on Game of Thrones?

No. Our name comes from the Charge of the Horned Lord. We are interested in reclaiming our wild nature. Excerpt from the Charge:


"In the wilderness doth my spirit dwell

And all wildlings and fugitives of oppression

are cherished within my heart.

To these, my hidden children,

I am provider and protector

For all things wild and free

are in my keeping

And all things of beauty and freedom

and love delight me."



Why is the application process so lengthy?

We want to make absolutely sure that accepting your application is good for you, and for the group. Our seeker application process is one that is traditional to witchcraft. We STRONGLY encourage all seekers to read this article and this article. It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to be a part of a coven, and the application process shows us that you are willing to do the work.


When does the Clan meet?

Since the Clan is mostly internet based, in person meetings are sporadic. We do have a number of synchronized rituals wherein people participate from their location at the same time throughout the year.