After our Clan Leader's relocation, the Clan is being re-founded in Denver, CO. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming public events. Public events are open to all. Membership in Clan of the Wildlings is by invitation only.


Each new member must go through a process of application, commitment and learning. Read on to see if Clan of the Wildlings is for you!


I call to you in the name of Earth and Sky and Sea. I call to you in the name of the wild creatures and all of our relations.


Come to me, brothers and sisters. Let us go together into the wilds. Let us dance and drum, let us sing, let us live free!

What is a wildling?

noun - A wild plant or animal that has escaped from cultivation.


There was a time that human beings were wild and free. Nowadays most of us live our lives bound by the “life script” that society gifts us with at birth. We’re born, we go to school, we start a career, we marry, we have children. Our social circles, the media and advertisers tells us who we are supposed to be. We follow the rules and don’t ask questions.


But what if there was another way to live? 

A wildling is a person who thinks for her or him self. Someone who doesn’t accept anything at face value. Someone who must discover and face the truth, all of the truth. A wildling is an explorer of inner and outer worlds. Someone who gets her hands dirty, climbs until her lungs are bursting and crouches silently, looking down to gain perspective. Someone who rises in triumph and shouts her freedom to the sky! 

Are You a Wildling?

A wildling is a free person. All those misfits, artists, musicians, dancers, outcasts, dreamers, and fabulous creatures that are just a little too bright, a little too vivid for mainstream society. We recognize each other when we meet, sometimes as if we've known one another before. All those who are brave enough to confront and embrace their inner wild creatures. All those witches who want to drum and dance under the light of the full moon and the bright sun. Those who can hear the voice of the forest or the river. Our clan. And also those who were born in the mainstream who see the glimmer of a far off star and want to explore…


A wildling is also a serious spiritual seeker, someone who is willing to deal with personal issues, learn fundamental spiritual skills, take personal responsibility, and who will contribute to the group in a positive way. To live the wildling way is to commit to daily practice of the spiritual discipline that we teach, and to daily apply our mission statement - to seek balance of body, mind, and spirit in harmony with the Earth.

Membership Requirements

Membership Qualifications:

  • Positive attitude

  • No drama

  • Clean criminal record

  • No addiction issues 

  • Physically healthy and willing to lead a healthy lifestyle

  • Willingness to perform daily practice and study

Application Process

  1. Read all of the information on this website, including this article by the Clan Leader.

  2. Like our Facebook page.

  3. Attend a public event.

  4. Express your interest and keep coming to events. If you're a fit for the group, you'll be invited.


All Clan members are expected to make a serious attempt through classes, assigned exercises, meditation, ritual, reading, and intellect to come to some understanding of him/herself as a spiritual– as well as intellectual, physical and emotional– being in this world.

Levels of Membership

Outer Circle

These members are eligible for membership in the Facebook group and participation in public Facebook-based events. They are not required to complete any of our formal training programs, and are not formally committed to the group. Outer Circle members may choose to pursue training at a later date or remain in the Outer Circle indefinitely.

Inner Circle

To become a member of the Inner Circle, a seeker must complete the requirements for the Outer Circle plus:

  • Enroll in the Clan's Shamanistic Witchcraft 101 year and a day study program.

  • Attend the Clan's public online events.

  • Successfully complete the year and a day study and receive a passing grade on the oral exam.

  • Undergo initiation ritual, which involves a formal commitment to the group.

Inner Circle members are eligible to attend both online public events and in-person events. Inner Circle members are offered a great deal more of our tradition's mysteries.

Inner Circle Degrees

Like most mystical traditions, Clan of the Wildlings has a degree system. Advancement in these degrees represents further training, and is optional. To become clergy and a leader in this group, one must go through all of the levels of training and embody our Code of Ethics over a long period of time.

  • Dedicated to learning this tradition and building a solid foundation of personal practice.

  • Dedicated to delving deeper into practice, focusing on shamanic techniques, Yoga, and runes.

  • Seasoned practitioner who is dedicated to in-depth study that forms a personal specialty and leadership training.

Click HERE for more information about the traditional process of joining a coven.

More questions? Try our FAQ page.