Shamanistic Witchcraft 101 - 

2017 Class begins SOON!

Meeting Schedule

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Interested in the Clan? Consider enrolling in our Shamanistic Witchcraft 101. Embark a year-long journey in which you will grow, discover yourself and learn fundamental skills for a lifelong spiritual practice. Learn to discipline and harness the power of your mind to create change in yourself and in the world. Develop a relationship with nature, the Old Gods, and the spirit world! This class will thoroughly prepare you for solitary practice as well as membership in our coven.


This class is a pre-requisite for seekers who seek Inner Circle membership in Clan of the Wildlings. The class is open to serious seekers willing to commit to their own growth and development, and to the discipline taught by this group.



The philosophy of the Clan is balance of body, mind and spirit. We believe that embodiment and health are the foundations of personal development, which our tradition builds through spiritually-focused outdoor activities and Yoga. Our practice includes training to discipline the mind, which is essential to all magical technique. The magical work used in our Clan is eclectic, including shamanistic practices, spirit work and the runes of the Elder Futhark. Our Clan celebrates holidays with formal ritual that is not overly ceremonial and includes room for spontaneity and ecstatic union with the Divine. Our tradition also includes devotional practices, both group and individual. This year and a day training includes an overview of all of these topics. More advanced material will be offered in further trainings that correspond to higher degrees in our tradition and are only available to members of the Clan.



$195 or $15/online session. Your investment includes a great many printed materials which will help you form your own Book of Shadows. Students may pay in full or pay as they go, but registration in the program is for the entire course. Drop-ins are not permitted. Students who join late are required to catch up via private lessons.



12 months total. Streaming online sessions each month that are also recorded and available for later viewing. Online lectures will include formal lecture, discussion and some hands-on practice.



Students interested in joining the Clan will be given an oral exam at the end of the term. Those that pass will be offered membership. Support and encouragement are happily provided, but students are responsible for their own learning. The path of the shamanistic witch requires knowledge and skill. Aspiring Clan members would do well to remember this and demonstrate their dedication and commitment.


About the Instructor

Tanaria Lightbearer is a lifelong spiritual seeker, practitioner of Yoga, scholar and healer. She has been a practicing witch for over 25 years in a variety of settings. She has worked with ritual partners, as a solitary practitioner, open community ritual groups, and as a member of a coven. She also walks the path of the shaman, and has created her own unique blend of witchcraft, shamanism and yoga. She hived off from her High Priestess’s coven in 2014 to found the Clan of the Wildlings.


Professionally, Tanaria is a Massage & Yoga Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Environmental Educator, outdoor guide, writer, musician and artist. She has additional educational background in Ayurvedic Medicine, Aromatherapy, Martial Arts, Philosophy and Complementary & Integrative Medicine. She is a two-time state champion and instructor of traditional archery.